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We are strongly equipped to handle the financial planning and all investments and financial related requirements of individual & corporate customers.
By working for multiple well known organizations in banking and financial industry including Multinational Banks we are very well equipped to address each and every requirement of individuals to manage their hard earned money.


Financial Planning

Financial Planning provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions.
It allows you to understand how each financial decision you make affects other areas of your finances.

Wealth Management

We work with our clients to simplify their financial lives, by creating simple, executable investment solutions.
We plan & manage your full Wealth from proper documentation to Asset Class Selection depending on your Risk Appetite & Future Goals.

NRI service

Entire assistance for wealth creation in India.

Real Estate

Buying, Selling, Renting or Leasing of properties, Assisting you to find ideal property in the short span. Arranging finance for developers, investors etc. at competitive rates through banks and investors


Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is simply a financial intermediary that allows a group of investors to pool their money together with a predetermined investment objective. it’s common knowledge that investing in mutual funds is (or at least should be) better than simply letting your cash waste away in a savings account. We will get all types of Mutual funds which suits the customer goals and requirements.


We offer investment management and advisory services to individuals who not only understand the long-term potential of equities as an asset class, but also understand the associated risks. The service provides professional management of equity portfolios with the objective of delivering consistent long-term performance while controlling risk.

Private Equity

Private equity is a critical asset that has become widely accepted as a key component of investment portfolios. Its major virtue is that it delivers attractive risk-adjusted returns with fairly low correlation to equities and bonds. It avoids frequent mark-to-market trauma while business growth generates wealth over 3-5years.

Govt. Bonds

Government of India Savings (taxable) bonds.Bond issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)High coupon bonds from Secondary Market.
Since bonds are issued on behalf of the Government of India, it is the safest investment any investor can look for.


It is very important that you are adequately covered as inadequate cover is equal to no cover at all.
Insurance planning is the first step towards financial planning and financial planning should be the first step towards purchasing insurance. To advise an individual on his or her insurance needs, it is important to get a holistic view of the present and the future.

Fixed Deposit

FDs are one of the oldest and most common methods of investing. When it comes to assured returns, choosing the right type of savings scheme makes all the difference. Fixed Deposits let you make the most of value-added benefits as you create wealth at low risk.


I have been availing complete financial advisory right from financial planning, Investments, Insurance and loans from Mr. Nilesh Zoting since 2006. After dealing with multiple bankers/relationship managers the kind of connect I established with Nilesh is simply outstanding. I always get the confidence that he is not only my investment advisor but is the best caretaker of entire financial matters of my family and next generation too. Best wishes to Capture Investment Services.
Swati Trivedi

Swati Trivedi

Senior IT Professional (Banking and Finance)

By being extremely choosy and selective it becomes challenging for me to establish any relationship and when it comes to money matters then it is much more difficult. But the way of working, detailed explanation, understanding the exact customer need and offering the right product suiting customer profile, made me deal and associate with Mr. Nilesh Zoting since 2008. I am happy to see the way he manages and grows my hard earned money. I am sure he will continue doing the best and my son will also see lot of value in getting associated with him.
Hemant Gokhale

Hemant Gokhale

Sr. Software Professional

“Nilesh has been managing our family portfolio and has in depth knowledge of his profession. His approach is always to understand the requirement and provide a solution with best possible alternatives, the benefit of which is to our advantage. His communication skills add a personal flavour to his profession. We wish him all the best for his present and future endeavors.”
Prashant Lele

Prashant Lele

Senior Architect

I have worked on top management in company like Bharat Forge. But post my retirement and getting placed in the category of senior citizen, the worry of preserving and managing my hard earned money became the biggest concern. By having number of bitter experiences from multiple bankers and representatives of big brands it became extremely difficult to consult and rely on anyone to look after and manage my money. But after passing through few of my tricks to understand the way of working and product recommendations, Nilesh has been the best consultant for me since 2009.
Madan Deshmukh

Madan Deshmukh

Retired – Sr.Vice President, Bharat Forge Ltd.

"I have invested my life's savings with Capture Investment Services. As a retired officer, I enjoy great satisfaction and more importantly, peace of mind, that my hard earned money is in safe hands. I have found Capture Investment Services to be reliable, credible and upfront in advice on my investments, besides providing me with all the necessary updates and allied assistance in the most forthcoming manner. My best wishes go to Mr. Nilesh Zoting and Capture Investment Services."
Lt Gen V Menon

Lt Gen V Menon

As I travel extensively due to work commitment, Nilesh has ensured my personal financial well-being, not just from regular reviews and advise - but also managing my investments with little hassles. I get clear view of where my finances are headed, what returns I can get over short and long terms - that meet my own requirements. Nilesh had been advising me since 2006 - and as my investment needs change - he has helped provide greater returns as well as stability"
Rohit Dayama ( NRI)

Rohit Dayama ( NRI)

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